Do you invest in the stock market?  Have you seen your hard earned profits disappear seemingly overnight?

This might have been caused by
circumstances beyond your control!

Everyday, information is released to the investment community about companies whose stock is publicly traded. The release of this information, sometimes results in substantial financial losses for the company's shareholders.

We represent shareholders in prosecuting the companies for securities fraud.

To view a list of companies in which class action securities fraud lawsuits have been filed, click on the Current Suits link.

In addition to the recently filed lawsuits, other companies are currently being reviewed by us for potential securities, and other types of fraud. To view this list, click on the Under Review link.

To find out if you are eligible to participate in one of the existing securities class action lawsuits, or if you would like more information about the companies under review, click on the Join a Suit link.

Our firm also represents professionals for losses sustained due to illegal insider trading. To view additional information on these matters, click on the Insider Trading link.

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